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Tabletop Bird Cage

100% of 100

Bird Cages

Tabletop Bird Cage

100% of 100

Ample size yet still small enough to fit on a tabletop, this floor to ceiling window apartment for your pet birds is just stunning.


This is a complete package which includes (as shown in product photos):

  • Complete 5mm thick premium acrylic panels
  • Two magnetically sealing acrylic doors on each side for easy access
  • Heavy duty metal grate which slides out for easy cleaning
  • Two acrylic trays which also slide out for easy cleaning
  • Natural USA harvested and sandblasted Manzanita tree system - including the main trunk and 3 perch branches
  • Two modern white square feeders - one for the food and one for the water.
    IMPORTANT: as of January 2023 we have run out of our inventory in these square feeders so cages will no longer come with these feeders.
  • Four hanging hooks for mounting toys

What you will still need:

  • birds
  • food
  • toys
  • litter (for lining the trays)
  • feeders (one to hold the water and anther to hold the food)
Care Instructions


Our cages need to be assembled before use. The entire assembly is quite straight forward and should only take about half an hour.

Care Instructions

Most of the mess usually created by birds (feathers, food waste, etc.) should be contained in the cage with the acrylic panels. As there are vents in the design to allow complete airflow in the cage, there might be some mess that escapes the cage. The cage can be easily cleaned once or twice a week with the simple steps below:

  • Grate - most of the mess from the cage will remain inside and fall through the grate into the trays. However, there might still be some mess still remaining on top of the grate. With a damp paper towel, simply wipe off the grate so the mess falls into the trays below. If you wish, every once and a while you can slide out the entire grate to do a more comprehensive cleaning.
  • Trays - there should be litter covering the inside of the trays. You can remove the trays one by one and dispose of the dirty litter and refill it with fresh litter.
  • Panels - the acrylic panels should be wiped down with a damp cloth or with a non-toxic acrylic cleaner.
  • Feeders - replace the food and water in the feeders. This should be done at least two or three times a week.
Shipping and Returns

Shipping is free within continental United States. We do accept returns within 30 days for a complete refund (minus the return shipping costs) provided that the product is in perfect condition.

This cage ships in two separate boxes.

As low as $445
clear view into the bird cage

An entire world to fly around in

Interior Open Space: 29" length x 11" width x 20" height

Bird Types: Small

clear view into the bird cage

See Nature's Beauty More Clearly

Bring nature indoors with our modern take on the cage. Clear acrylic on all four sides and metal frame allow our cages to become modern aviaries.

acrylic doors on side for easy access to the bird cage

Acrylic Doors with Magnetic Seals

Large and clear acrylic doors on both the right and left sides make for easy access to anywhere in the cage.

Heavy Duty Removable Grate

Heavy Duty Removable Grate

Well-built and substantial bottom grates can be slid in and out for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Removable Acrylic Bottom Trays

Removable Acrylic Bottom Trays

Two large pull-out acrylic trays help keep the cage clean without having to disturb the birds inside.

Stunning and Natural Perch Tree System

Stunning and Natural Perch Tree System

Each one of our cages comes with its own complete 100% natural USA manzanita tree system comprising of the main trunk and three branches for perches. Manzanita is one of the best types of perches for your birds as they are tough to chew through, are not toxic in any way and their unique twisty shape provides a multitude of perch width variety to prevent any injury to your bird's feet. Manzanita also looks stunning as well - which is why we felt it a good match for the Hopper Hall cage.

This large version of the cage comes with three horizontal branches/ perches: two straight 12" and a forked 7".

The branches can be easily be removed for cleaning.

porcelain feeders for seed and water

Porcelain Feeders

Two stunning hand-made modern white porcelain feeders (one for food and one for water) are easy for the birds to use and will contain much of the mess inside.

IMPORTANT: as of January 2023 we have run out of our inventory in these square feeders so cages will no longer come with these feeders.

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