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"To cage or not to cage, that is no longer the question"
- Hamlet, the avian version

about Hopper Hall

Nature is beautiful. Habitats should be too.

We began Hopper Hall when we adopted some adorable little parakeets but were unable to find a habitat that would match their beauty. All of the options on the market were bland utilitarian and downright unpleasant. Our first cage was more like a jail cell and beyond out of place in a modern living room. In order for people to properly enjoy the innate beauty and playfulness of their pets, the habitats need to be equally nice and look like they actually belong in the modern home. We set out to design the perfect habitats that would only add to the beauty of nature. It took more than a year, dozens of prototypes and lots of really long and late hours* but we finally got it. Introducing the Hopper Hall collection of the nicest indoor pet habitats the world has ever seen.

* no birds were harmed in the process ;)